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The Greeks – NatGeo

The legacy of the ancient Greeks is extensive. Over a timespan of more than 5000 years, these peoples and populations inspired culture, determined military strategy, developed economic and political systems,…

Chanel Resort 2018

Chanel brings Ancient Greece to Paris for their Resort 2018 collection. The setting was “an Elysian ideal of a Greek ruin” as Luke Leitch of VOGUE describes.  

Blue Flag Awards

This year, 2019, Greece moved up to the 2nd place in World for Blue Flag-Awards. A total of 534 Blue Flags were awarded to Greek beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism…


Greece is all about island-hopping. It offers a holiday experience like no other, regardless if you are sailing the Aegean or Ionian Sea.  One can witness and experience  cosmopolitan and…

From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great

The ancient Greeks changed the world in about 1,000 years flat. People talking about the greatness of Greece:  Why Them? Why There? That’s the question!

Greek Language Day

February 9th was officially declared International Greek Language Day in 2017. The date of February 9 was selected because it is also the official commemoration day of the Greek national…

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