Athens 2004 to Tokyo 2020

By Thanos Voudouris

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Remembering Athens 2004 Olympics 🇬🇷

As the Tokyo Olympics come to the close, our congratulations go out to Japan and the international Olympic committee for turning these games to a great success while in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic. 

Congratulations to all Olympians and especially to Greek athletes who brought home Medals!

Remembering the Athens 2004 Olympics, I reminisce that being there was an experience like no other. From attending several events on stadiums, to lining up the streets watching athletes going by competing for a precious medal for their country.  The night time celebrations were all over Athens well into the night. Walking around Plaka, Syntagma square and downtown Athens each night, was like being on a big party along with people from all the corners of  the world!

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The climax for me was while on Panathenaic Stadium waiting for the Marathon runners to arrive. The scene was magic as the sun was setting over the Acropolis and the leading Olympics Marathon runners were entering the stadium for the final lap to the finish line. 

An unbelievable moment that is engraved forever in memory.