Greek yogurt with honey

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Greek yogurt with honey and nuts

Greek yogurt with honey is the perfection of goodness, both for health and superb taste. Very easy to make without any cooking preparations. A healthy snack that can be enjoyed at any time. In Greece it can be ordered at any cafe or restaurant. The best one I had was in Chora, Naxos island, which was served with local thick yogurt!

The type of yogurt used is essential.  The creamier and thicker, is richer in flavour than other types of yogurt. In the USA the best and close to authentic is the one made by FAGE, a Greek company. 2% or 5% fat has the perfect consistency but the 0% fat also could be used. If not available, regular yogurt could be strained for a couple of hours to drain the excess water. (avoid Chobani – it is not authentic Greek yogurt as claimed, but turkish)   Ingredients:

  • Thick, full body yogurt
  • Thick honey
  • Chopped nuts, and/or
  • Fresh or dried fruits


  • Place desired portion of yogurt in a bowl
  • Drip honey, about a tablespoon or to your taste
  • Sprinkle your preferred toppings of nuts, fresh or dried fruits 
  • Notes: Yogurt consistency is the key. Greek yogurt, is creamier, thicker and richer in flavour than other types of yogurt.
    Bon appetit!

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