Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup – ΦΑΚΕΣ

Lentils soup is another popular traditional dish.  My yiayia and mom, were making the greatest lentil soup. Not only that, but it is very easy to make! Just add all ingredients in the pot and cook until done.  Delicious!
~2hrs, covered, low heat.
Serve by adding one teaspoon of vinegar, more or less to your taste. Greek bread, olives and feta cheese usually is also on the table.

  • 1 lb Lentils
  • 8 cups Water
  • 100ml Olive Oil
  • 5 Daphne (bay) leaves
  • 1-2 Carrots – diced
  • 3-4 large Garlic cloves – diced
  • 1 large Red Onion – diced
  • 1 can 16oz diced Tomatoes – Stir in blender only 1 second
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • (Optional) 2 diced Italian sausages – pan sauté optional

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