By Thanos Voudouris

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Two step preparation, pan & syrup.

Pan preparation – Mix nuts, sugar, cinnamon, and the orange rind.
Melt butter and brush a pan 17″ x 11″.
Place 4 to 5 filo sheets in bottom of baking pan brushing with butter each one as laid. Allow ends to extend over the pan.
Sprinkle heavily with nut mixture, and place 3 filo sheets over this, always brushing with butter.
Alternate in this manner (3 filo and mix) until all ingredients and filo sheets have been used, ending with 4 to 5 filo sheets.
Brush top well and trim edges with sharp knife.
Cut through top with diagonal lines to form diamond shapes.
Pin one clove in center of each diamond piece.
Bake in preheated oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour until golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool a little for 10 minutes, then cover with syrup and let stand 1 hour before serving.

  • One Box Filo (Apollo #7 about 20 sheets)
  • 2 cups chopped walnuts
  • 2 cups chopped pecans
  • 1.25 cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup sweet unsalted butter
  • Grated rind of one orange

Syrup – Combine all these ingredients and boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • 1.25 cups water
  • 1.33 cups sugar
  • 2 or 3 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp lemon juice

Note: Syrup becomes thicker as it boils longer. For thick syrup let it boil for 20 to 30 minutes.

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