ATH Int’l Airport Accolades

The Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” won its place in the top three in the world, among a total of 132 airports assessed by AirHelp, which assesses airlines and airports. 

The rankins were based on the AirHelp scorecard for categories:

  • On-Time Performance – statistics for on-time flights
  • Service Quality – customer service, queues and cleanliness based on travelers inputs
  • Food and Shops – eating and shopping customer surveys

These top 3 airports at Qatar, Japan, and Greece, managed to master shopping, perform punctually, and offer outstanding service, making traveling a breeze

In a statement, Panagiotis Divanis of AirHelp said the success of Athens International Airport was based on the pursuit of exceptional performance times and the quality of services, “as travelers appreciate the accuracy and want friendly service in the countries they visit.”

Sources: Airhelp | APE-MPE 

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