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Greece is all about island-hopping. It offers a holiday experience like no other, regardless if you are sailing the Aegean or Ionian Sea.  One can witness and experience  cosmopolitan and luxurious islands and ones that are pure and pristine with untouched beaches of timeless beauty. Island transportation is fun and very efficient travel. Modern ships travel at top speeds offering quick and enjoyable sea travel.

Important to note, that if one plans to go to Santorini, ‘must’ go by boat. Flying will be certainly faster, but you will be missing the the extraordinary sight while sailing into Santorini’s Caldera.

The images below is at the Mykonos port while waiting to board on a ship going to Santorini. As the ship was approaching it seemed small but yet exceptionally exotic! It turned out to be much larger than it seemed, capable of carrying 1000 passengers and 200 vehicles, while sailing at 40 knotts! The impeccable interior and service completed the sailing experience.

Catamaran passenger ferry: 87m x 26m, Speed 40 knots,  up to 1000 passengers, 200 cars.

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