The Trip To Greece Reviews

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Steve and Rob keep chatting amongst themselves with little or no attention as to identify where they are or having any discussion about the Greek culture. Good to see parts of Greece but you really need to know of the places, otherwise one does not know where exactly they are. So, overall we have mixed signals about the film. See more IAmGreece

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back on the road and it feels like a virtual vacation for fans.[P. Hammond] At least everyone seems self-aware about how much they’re repeating themselves yet again.[A. Dowd] – See full review Rotten Tomatoes

The Trip to Greece is a fitting end to a great series of movies and the universal themes will linger long after the journey – See full review Common Sense Media


In that light, “The Trip to Greece” marks a spirited and convivial return to form, even if the film is lofty enough to present Coogan and Brydon’s six-day Grecian journey as a retracing of the path of Odysseus – See full review Variety


In their final “Trip” movie, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon retrace Odysseus’ journey with laughs, vocal imitations and nonsense – See full review The NYT