Suggestions for Travel to Greece

By Takis Baboulas

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Year after year, millions of tourists around the world travel to Greece. Here are some suggestions by Takis Baboulas  about where to TRAVEL in Greece  🏖 🏝 ⛱

Skiathos island

For my friends living outside of Greece, especially those who have never come here before, I just wanted to write my suggestions of places, among the hundreds of beautiful choices all over.

It is almost impossible to see everything in Greece in a lifetime, even for the people living there.
So, after all these years of travelling, I have suggestions for you, depending on the time you have. If someone is to come to Greece for the first time ever, I would suggest at least two weeks, knowing that this is not possible for most people, at the worst case if you only have a week, do it, it will surely be a great experience but you will have to miss many places and you will be in a “hurry” to enjoy things. In that case, you can just pick Athens and one island on “relax mode”.

Paros island

My suggestion is to try to make it a 2 week trip so, in case you do don’t come again, at least you will have a more spherical image/opinion and you will have enjoyed a great variety of places.
My suggestions below contain a variety of islands and a few days in Athens for sure:
1. ATHENS CITY (many things to do, like any other European capital, which here includes THE BEACH!)
2. NAFPLIO CITY (the very first capitol of Greece, just awesome, only about 2 hrs drive from Athens)
2. SANTORINI ISLAND (no words for this one, a must see)
3. SKIATHOS ISLAND (Paradise on earth…/ if you have time, combine it with SKOPELOS island next door)
4. PAROS ISLAND (Voted best island in Europe a few times) + combine with NAXOS island next door if possible.
5. KEFALLONIA ISLAND (one of my favorites, try to combine with ZAKYNTHOS island next door)
The above is a lot for one trip (some people wont have time for all), but if you have more time, and you don’t mind travelling around, or making a second trip to Greece next year, I will also strongly suggest these:
8. CRETE (you normally need about a month to see everything there… my first choice is the city of Hania and the state)
9. CORFU ISLAND (and Antipaxoi island paradise)
10. PARGA AREA, North West
Have a Happy Vacation in Greece!

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Credit:  Text Takis Baboulas | mages: Getty images