Sakellaropoulos and the Greek olive oil

By Thanos Voudouris

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Mr. Sakellaropoulos and the Greek olive oil

The good news should be told.
Mr. Sakellaropoulos achievements in elevating the Greek Olive Oil on the top of international levels grands our appreciation. These olive oil products have won over 221 international awards and received a plethora of distinctions from oil tasting and quality competitions around the world.

“My involvement with olives and oil production was basically the evolution of a special bond I had developed with the sacred olive tree and what I like to call ‘the natural way of life.’ The passion for quality and innovation motivated me in 1992 – when organic farming was still an unknown concept in Greece – to consciously choose certified organic olive cultivation, with specific methods and conditions, knowing the benefits it entails for human health, but also for the environment itself,” Mr. George Sakellaropoulos said.

We should note that the olive tree has a special significance to the Greeks since the antiquity and it’s considered as a gift of the Gods to the Greeks.

Source: See full article at GreekCityTimes