Morning at Port of Piraeus

By Thanos Voudouris

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Welcome to Greece! 🇬🇷

Early morning at the port of Piraeus, Athens, is an experience like no other! A very busy, noisy and vibrant place.
Several times I have been at the port early morning to board a ferry, and each time I am witnessing an orchestrated chaos. Yes it is seen as a chaotic sight, but each individual knows exactly what to do. From people hauling their luggage, to motorcycles, cars, and big rigs.

See gallery below

Ferries are lined up with their large cargo doors open, displaying signs of island destinations, while people and cars weaving around trying to find their ferry to board. One must navigate around all these until finds the right ferry. I was always fascinated how the truck drivers manage to navigate through all of this. We should note that the trucks are the lifeline of goods to the islands as loaded up with supplies to the islands and carrying back local products to the mainland.

Suggestion: Go early, board your ferry, and try to walk your way up on the top deck to relax and observe the “chaos” below.
I love it each time I 

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