Greece aims July for tourism

By Thanos Voudouris

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Tourists on their feet indulging on the spectacle as the ferry enters the Caldera in Santorini! (picture by Thanos7v – previous summer)

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Update 2: We will reopen on July 1st under ‘best-case scenario’, the Greek Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on interview with CNN (video)

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The Greek Minister of tourism Haris Theoharis said in an interview with BBC that Greece will get ready to start welcoming tourists sometime in July. However, the arrivals will not be accepted from all over the world, but from specific countries/regions in a gradual and controlled manner.
”We aim for some time in July to open up,” he said, while underscoring that “this cannot be from every destination.”

”Opening up the borders is something that needs to be discussed with health experts and we hope that they will give us the go-ahead to open up gradually.”

Mr. Theocharis has also indicated that Greek authorities are considering the introduction of a ”Health Passport” showing that an individual is not suffering from the COVID-19 coronavirus. He also noted that there is an ongoing discussion at the EU level related to finding ways in which EU citizens will be allowed to travel within the EU this year.

Tourism and the hospitality industry is the primary source of economic growth in the country. The Minister indicated that the three-month tourist season July, August and September, could show positive results thus improving the tourism flow into October and November.