Bread 102

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 By Mike Pavlakis (Μιχάλης Παυλάκης), contributor to
Today’s bake, is yeast white bread.  Τhis recipe is a great all round recipe for any shape of bread – tasty.


  • 360 mills of water
  • 12 grams of salt
  • 12 grams of instant dry yeast
  • 12 grams of lard
  • 6 grams of bread improver
  • 600 grams of strong bakers flour high protein


  • Mix well and develop the dough and let rest about 90 minutes.
    Then divide into desired pieces, shape, and let rest until ready
    Bake 210 C about 30 minutes
  • Notes: There are countless recipes for bread, but this one is easy to prepare for a very tasty bread.
    Bon appetit!

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