Flamingos in Agios Mamas

By Thanos Voudouris

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Thousands of flamingos arrived at the Agios Mamas (Άγιος Μαμάς) wetlands in Halkidiki, a seasonal ecotourism spectacle. The birds are migrating for nesting and to spend the winter. The area is a special protected region of the Natura 2000 network around the marshlands and the lagoon area. Officials have recorded 283 species of birds in this protected area, including some that are very rare.

The generic species name is Phoenicopterus (from Greek: φοινικόπτερος phoinikopteros), literally means “blood-red-feathered”. The name “flamingo” comes from Portuguese or Spanish flamengo, “flame-colored”. 

Watch below the impressive video with a flock of pink flamingos that arrive in the area every year to spend the winter.

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