Patras in COVID19 lockdown

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Patras streets deserted during COVID-19 lockdown

An unprecedented view around the empty streets of Patras during the COVID-19 lockdown. Empty streets and the absence of people due to the known threat are something we have never seen before. We all hope that we never see such situations again and that normalcy will return soon on this vibrant city in Peloponnese and everywhere in the world. We record the most famous places in the city the day before the universal traffic ban is enforced.

Greece took aggressive measures early, closing schools, universities, stores, resorts, public places, beaches, and even churches, as people were advised to stay and work from home. The lockdown helped in keeping the coronavirus cases and deaths at very low levels comparing to other countries.

The lockdown is strictly enforced with violators facing 150 euros fines. Anyone outdoors must have sent a text message to a central number or must carry a signed self-declaration form. Only reasons to be out must be for essential work, visit a doctor or bank, buy food or medication, attend a direct relative’s funeral, help someone in need, take exercise or walk a pet.

Uncharacteristically for the Greeks, the vast majority has abided by the regulations.

Credits: Filmed and produced by Stelios Anastelios, The Greek Orthodox Vlogger

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